Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Natural, Supernatural, Preternatural, or Paranormal?

When I was a freshman at Rutgers University, I was assigned to John Ciardi (1916-1986) as my English Composition instructor. He was an eminent scholar, a poet/translator who could impart fresh literary motivation within his class of newly minted college students. Among his divergent interests Professor Ciardi had pondered the famous Salem witch trials. At an early point in the year his English Composition students were assigned writing projects commensurate with the instructor’s interests. As a class member, I did not understand the mysterious complexity of the Salem witch trials. Fortunately, we classmates were graded on our skills in English composition rather than knowledge of details concerning the strange witch trials.

In retrospect, the Salem Witch Trials are an example of how intensely our early forebears were aware of the preternatural (highly unusual), supernatural, and paranormal. Ancient Israelites were divinely warned against the dangers of the malevolent supernatural. Deuteronomy 18:11-12 specifically forbids divination, sorcery, omens, witchcraft, spells, mediums, spiritism, and consulting the dead, according to the NIV translation. In contrast, the Chosen People were instructed to “have no other gods before me” and to obey the commands of the divine, righteous, supernatural Creator of Heaven and Earth. Humanity has always been afforded a personal choice between good and evil.

Today we are still offered choices, especially in media entertainment which satisfies basic human preferences and perceptions of reality. Along with more conventional media offerings highlighting history, nature, adventure, religion, and current news there are literally hundreds of sources which offer topics of the supernatural paranormal—vampires, horror, magic, alien spacecraft, unidentified objects, sci-fi, and witchcraft, among other mystical spiritual subject matter.

We discovered over one hundred categories of spiritism, paranormal, or demon manifestation in encyclopedic references. A few categories may not qualify as blatantly paranormal or evil. For example, meditation, fantasy, magic, and Halloween “fun activities” in late October need not be condemned out of hand. Participation in such activities may or may not tilt us toward deeper participation in questionable activity. Wisdom from God is promised if we ask for it.

Our personalized, random alphabetic compilation of a small sample of paranormal activities and phenomena follows. (The list is not necessarily in order of spiritistic importance): apparitions, black magic, clairvoyance, divination, ESP (extra-sensory perception), fortune telling, ghosts, hauntings, levitation, mediums, New Age, ouija boards, palm reading, reincarnation, seances, tarot cards, witchcraft. We challenge interested readers to do an exhaustive search of paranormal phenomena classifications. How many hundreds of media programs and literature are grounded in paranormal thematics? Results of your search may surprise you.

One may ask concerning the relationship between paranormal topics, science, and faith, especially since the science/faith interface is the theme of our blog. Faith and belief in God is a supernatural gift. We are enabled by our Creator to exercise belief and faith.

Internet searches of paranormal categories mentioned in the above paragraphs almost unanimously categorize them as “pseudoscience.” This is because the phenomena generally cannot be analyzed scientifically. They are not empirically testable, repeatable, or predictable as cause and effect events in scientific laboratories. Many observers steeped in the reliability of the “scientific method” may, therefore, categorize the phenomena as “not real.” However, many studies of paranormal phenomena rely on scientific principles of careful observation and reliability of evidence. On this basis, some of their observations are empirical and scientific.

In our previous post entitled, “Dichotomy in Supernatural Realms” (1/9/20) we discussed two supernatural realms—(1) the evil, malevolent spiritual realm of Satan, and (2) the good, divine spiritual realm of the Creator of All Things. Between these two realms is the realm of the natural, the present home of humanity. Human residents of the natural realm may consciously contemplate and experience supernatural realms in various ways. Some deny the reality of one or both supernatural realms, claiming the natural world is all that exists; supernatural phenomena are pseudoscientific or unscientific, they claim. They exercise the gift of their personal “free will” to believe or disbelieve and to exercise faith.

We close with one more experience from personal college days. The daily college newspaper invited expression of student opinion on their “letters to the editor” page. Several students had exchanged letters regarding the reality of the Christian faith. It soon became apparent various writers were not on the same ‘spiritual’ page. In my personal letter contribution I quoted I Corinthians 2:14 from the King James version popular at the time: “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” In contemporary times many still actively categorize, analyze, and experience various realms of reality.   





Thursday, January 9, 2020

Dichotomy in Supernatural Realms

Over many years our posts have primarily focused on the wonders of the natural world and the manner in which the natural world points to the reality of a divine Creator. The natural world may be defined as all things in our environment, living and non-living. From the perspective of a creationist, it results from the benificent provision of God for humanity’s home. God’s initial creation was replete with operational laws undergirded by a host of physical constants. The supernatural God had produced a wonderful natural operating system for mankind’s existence.

Recent discussions of UAP/UFO phenomena on our blog site have called to mind the nature of supernatural manifestations on Earth. Our thesis has been that significant evidence exists of malign spirits or demons, including UAP/UFO phenomena. UAP/UFO phenomena disobey physical laws as they suddenly appear and disappear, achieve impossible speeds and directional changes, and in some rare cases impact humans in a malevolent manner.

We have appropriated adjectives such as natural and supernatural. What is natural, we might ask? Descriptions of the natural include ALL living and non-living things in our physical planetary system. This description of natural is very broad. Natural events are described by scientific methods—primarily events which are manifest and explainable according to measurable causes and effects. The natural world is the subject of formal scientific study. This fact, however, does not totally preclude the use of some science methodology in the study of supernatural phenomena. For instance, if a UAP is suspected, it is carefully observed and its effects are recorded. These are examples of scientific methodology. A hypothesis concerning them may be offered, but as a statement of prediction we are on shaky ground. The prediction is not testable. We are unable to repeat results as science methodology requires but our inability does not preclude the reality of UAPs. Apparently they are not components of the natural world. They are components of the supernatural world.

We are confronted with another question: What IS the supernatural? In this area there is room for discussion and misunderstanding. The creation of our universe was a supernatural, miraculous event. There could be discussions about different types of miracles. 

Residents of the natural world have links to the supernatural. In studying this linkage, we may better understand two different categories of supernatural entities, including the angelic host created by God. They were no doubt created long before the creation of humans. Some of the angelic host followed the devil, or Satan, when he rebelled against the Creator. These angelic rebels were expelled from their heavenly realm. The Apostle Paul refers to “..the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience (Ephesians 2:2b). There are many New Testament references to Satan under different names. Therefore, one category of the supernatural linkage consists of evil angels, malevolent spirits, demons, the devil, or Satan. The Apostle Paul wrote that our Earth’s atmosphere is home to such malign creatures. Our proposal that UAP/UFOs are manifestations of demons may be understandable in such terms as we comprehend the meaning of Ephesians 2:2. Humanity and agents of the “prince of the power of the air” may share the identical physical realm on occasion. There are dozens of terms for paranormal phenomena—part of the malevolent supernatural.

The other supernatural realm is the heavenly abode of God. Of course, God is capable of inhabiting the physical realm because He is omnipresent. Humanity is able to access information about God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit by understanding the truth of the scriptural narrative. Christian scholars have established the body of Christian theology with divine guidance using evidence from the physical world, the record of human history including the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the inspired Word of God. Visible manifestations of divine beings such as righteous angels are rare in our age. We must commit ourselves to the realities of our Christian faith by diligent study of scripture which instructs us concerning the ministry of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. More, it provides instruction in righteousness. The key is our desire and effort to “search for God with all our hearts” (Deut. 4:29, Jer. 29:13, Acts 17:24-28).

The intellectual concept of the natural world is supported by careful study and analysis of our coherent physical world. How is our faith strengthened by observing its order? Wonders of the natural world declare the reality of the biblical Creator. Knowledge acquired in this way comes through general revelation supported by scientific knowledge.

Our natural world is the home conceived and created by the Creator of All Things. It is humanity’s tangible physical heritage, authored and provided by God. Our heritage is shared by what we term a dichotomy as described in the paragraphs above. The dichotomy consists, on one hand, of our awareness and knowledge of God—the supernatural Creator and Sustainer. On the other hand, we are aware of the supernatural malevolent, malicious, and malign “prince of the power of the air,” variously known as Satan, the devil, his angels, demons, and/or evil spirits. It is not a pleasant dichotomy to contemplate.

In our culture we have both believers and doubters in the dichotomy—people who believe in God and people who do not. Likewise, we have believers in Satan, evil angels, and demons, and those who do not. The topic is clothed in subtlety, mystery, and complexity.              



Thursday, January 2, 2020

Dimensionality Musings

Scripture unambiguously states that the universe had a beginning: its dimensions of length, height, width, its dimension of time, and the origin of all matter and energy. Physical laws, which we have somewhat humorously dubbed “Rules of the Game” in several past posts, were also set in place by the Creator. No other religious holy book suggests such extraordinary causes and effects. God created “all things,” an alternate meaning of “the heavens and the Earth.” (Genesis 1:1) “All things” embraces the dimensions listed above. The Creator originated the dimensionality of our planetary home and also a suite of physical laws under which living things, especially humans, could thrive. We may be sure that Our Creator designed the most favorable dimensionality and physical laws to govern the behavior of matter and energy for the benefit of humanity.

Several inspired Scripture verses state that God existed “before time began.” Human experience does not instruct us in regard to the qualities of timelessness such as referenced in three startling New Testament letters penned by the inspired writer—the Apostle Paul: I Corinthians 2:7, II Timothy 1:9, and Titus 1:2. The Bible also suggests a timeless future eternity. We may only imagine!

God could have created an alternate dimensionality for every day human existence. The IDH (Interdimendional hypothesis) is a reality for supernatural beings. He is capable of creating, transferring to, and utilizing a dimensionality parallel to ours. The trinitarian God Himself as well as the good and evil angelic beings He created operate in a parallel dimensionality—interdimensional reality—as well as within the current natural dimensionality we now experience. Supernatural beings demonstrate abilities such as appearing suddenly out of nowhere and vanishing equally suddenly. If they commandeer a vehicle such as a UFO, the vehicle could instantly accelerate to warp speed and/or achieve impossibly sharp turns. These beings have abilities beyond those possessed by humans in our present dimensionality and under the physical laws by which we operate.

In the past several years our descriptions of apparent interdimensional capabilities in UAP/UFOs have been documented many times by civilian and military observers using the most technologically advanced equipment as well as ordinary sensory observations. What formerly seemed like science fiction accounts have achieved unquestioned credibility. UAPs are real is the remarkable current media ‘punchline.’ Astrophysicist Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe opened one paragraph of his book on UAPs with the statement that “…Only the Bible unambiguously states that time has a beginning.” He closes the same paragraph with “…God can—and does—exercise cause-and-effect capabilities outside the time dimension of the universe.” (Emphasis mine)

A topic with serious potential for study is the overlap of Newtonian physics, our current operating system, with interdimensionality at speeds approaching the speed of light or under intensely strong gravity. Conditions on enormously large cosmic objects or vanishingly tiny sub-atomic particles may impact us. Physicists have supplied some answers related to general and special relativity, quantum mechanics, and string theory. But be forewarned: This is a highly esoteric topic. It is beyond the comprehension of all but the most advanced theoretical physicists (including this writer). Ordinary observers may rest assured that our normal physical experience is governed by ordinary dimensionality of an orderly cosmos in our familiar physical environment. Advanced modern technological discoveries have made our lives more convenient and enjoyable in terms of ease of communication, travel, entertainment, and a host of additional benefits. Modern technologies seem almost miraculous in the benefits they produce, but sometimes a surfeit of modern benefits could deflect us from simpler and more satisfying divine realities. Now we must be on guard against the dangers of materialism.

We close this discussion with a cautionary warning. In God’s wisdom He has permitted fallen angels (demons) to wield some interdimensional power within the world of our familiar dimensions. This power particularly applies when humans willingly submit to the appeal of the supernatural paranormal. Many games, activities, and entertainments of dubious value are promoted owing to their appeal to the fascinating and mysterious. These paranormal activities should be actively shunned. Our last post, “The Malevolent Paranormal” references these activities with a goal to discuss the wide spectrum of paranormal activity in future posts. UAPs, while they consist of a spectacular occult aerial manifestation, may open Pandora’s box to many other activities which are best avoided by wise men, women, and children.           



Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Malevolent Paranormal

Malevolent is not a term to inspire cheer or comfort. A close synonym is sinister. More positive antonyms for both terms are pleasant, good. Unidentified objects in our skies have generated considerable consternation in our human society, particularly since the close of World War II after the famous flying saucer incident in Washington State in 1947. Adding fuel to the fire of public alarm is the periodic increase in reports of unidentified objects near military installations. A Navy statement cited “…a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years.”

We have chosen to expand our thesis that UAP/UFOs are explainable in terms of demon manifestations. The recent official admission that UAPs are ‘real’ does not bring us closer to the truth. Military investigators are currently no longer stigmatized if they report unidentified phenomena. Formerly they were accused of “neurological overload” or of having “bugs” in their imaging and display technologies. Those who reported UAP/UFOs were afraid to step forward during the years of government denial of their very existence. 

Searching for answers to mysteries such as ‘What are they’ and ‘What sort of intelligent beings operate them’ and ‘What are the intentions of their operators’ still leaves investigators with many unanswered questions. It is certain that military personnel, now allied with Tom DeLonge and his To the Stars Academy (TTSA), is confident that mysterious new travel and materials technology will reveal scientific solutions in their quest. DeLonge, in particular, is also confident that other planets in the Solar System harbor evidence of past life. Some TTS scientists believe that unidentified flying objects come from places other than Earth—perhaps distant locations in our galaxy. This proposal is known as the ETH (Extra-Terrestrial hypothesis). TTS scientists hope for a scientific breakthrough, but demonology does not appear to be on their explanatory radar screen!

The magazine Skeptical Inquirer, ordinarily not a favorite source of knowledge for Christians, recently published a pertinent article. Their statement outlines diverse possibilities: “In the early days of UFOlogy, that of the 1940s, 1950s, and some decades later, the extraterrestrial hypothesis was the preferred explanation. But it never panned out. There was never a White House landing or equally clear public revelation. So UFOlogy evolved, only in the wrong direction. An intelligence was assumed to be responsible, and the search continued to explain what it was. Name your flavor of what it is and there’s now a book, blog, or article trying to convince you of the article’s preferred hypothesis: extraterrestrials, ultradimensionals, interdimensionals, and even demons bent on perverting Christians.”

The extraterrestrial hypothesis achieved the lions’ share of support until the last few decades. In the 1980s J. Allen Hynek (1910-1986) effectively debunked the ETH, reporting that it required generally impossible belief requirements. Jaques VallĂ©e (b. 1940) agrees. Both UFOlogists have debunked the ETH in favor of explanations of various IDH (interdimensional hypotheses) based on current scientific knowledge. They propose explanations based on strange, unfamiliar dimensional phenomena within our natural world.

Skeptical Inquirer listed an unusual pair of hypotheses for UAP/UFO reality. One  important hypothesis relates to extra dimensions. Another hypothesis relates to demons which arebent on perverting Christians.” We deny that belief in demons is able to “pervert” Christians. Several truths about demons stand out. Astrophysicist Hugh Ross has written that believers in extra dimensions stand on firm scientific ground. He writes, “…a scientifically credible possibility exists that RUFOs (residual UFOs) come from beyond the four familiar dimensions of the universe.”

Ross continues: “If one takes the extradimensional hypothesis to mean that entities could come into the universe from a spiritual realm, one can see a remarkable correspondence between science and Scripture. The Bible describes a Creator who is beyond matter, energy, and the space-time dimensions of the universe. It also describes spirit beings who are able to enter the universe and exhibit physical effects…A closer examination of RUFOs shows that they are consistent with the Bible’s description of demons. The RUFOs appear to be alive and to be acting in an intelligent way with malevolent intentions” (Hugh Ross, A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials).

John Ankerberg and John Weldon have posted articles on good and malevolent angels on the Ankerberg website. Here is a quote from one of their articles: “While no one can deny the vital and godly ministry of the good angels, no one should ever forget the multifaceted activities of the evil angels. To do so is to place one’s soul at risk.” Evil or malevolent angels are also known as demons.

Malevolent angels (demons) are at work in dozens of occult or paranormal human activities. UAP/UFOs are also occult or paranormal phenomena. All paranormal phenomena are beyond the scope of ordinary scientific investigation. Paranormal or occult events cannot be explained by ordinary physical laws governing our orderly universe. UAPs do not originate from the will of humans. The effects of occult phenomena, while they may be triggered by human action, are not really under the control of humans. Occult phenomena are under the control of demons who sometimes pose as benevolent. Here is a provocative question gleaned from the Ankerberg/Weldon article series: “What field of the occult is not infiltrated by fallen angels?”

UAP/UFOs manifest paranormal/occult characteristics. Dozens of paranormal/occult human activities and entertainments manifest parallel characteristics. We will illuminate these traits in upcoming future posts in the light of Scripture. 




Friday, December 20, 2019

Demonology and the UAP/UFO Connection

Recently the question “Do you believe in UFOs?” came up in discussion with family members. My affirmative response surprised participants in the conversation. The question was somewhat reminiscent of that directed to me occasionally by former students: “Do you believe there is life elsewhere in our universe?” My negative answer surprised and disappointed my inquisitors. The link below was our initial post of four submissions advocating the “We are alone” hypothesis. Clicking “Newer post” accesses all four:

The recently publicized TTSA (To The Stars Academy) publicity includes organizational founder Tom DeLonge’s firm belief that the universe is brimming with life. We possess no evidence to refute this thesis except an empirical pronouncement that we have “not heard from” anyone out there. This is affirmed by a famous man’s lament that humans have not been contacted by any alien civilizations. The lament was voiced in 1950 by no less than world-class scientist Enrico Fermi who vocalized, “If these civilizations do exist, where is everybody?” Several recent secular science research organizations have tilted toward the “We are alone” hypothesis. There are many other modern commentators, however, who optimistically propose there is plenty of intelligent, sapient life ‘out there.’ This blog author supports the “We are alone” hypothesis. One of the weakest affirmations of a universe brimming with life is the proposition that ongoing burgeoning discoveries of multiple new planets increases the probability that life will ultimately be found ‘out there.’

Our “We are alone” belief posits that UAP/UFOs are solely a terrestrial phenomenon. We segue to a related presumption: UAP/UFOs may be explained in terms of the existence of demons, formerly God-created angelic beings.

Angels are God’s created beings—created to do the will of God at His bidding. (Col. 1:16). They were created long before humans, but we do not know the exact time frame of this creation event. They are spirit beings, but are able to appear in visible form. The angel Gabriel visibly announced the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38). Two angels in white appeared at the tomb of Jesus on the morning of His resurrection (John 20:10-13). Many other accounts of the appearance of righteous angels appear in scripture.

Scripture speaks of many evil angels. Some angels rebelled against their creator. In particular, one preeminent angel, Lucifer, also known as Satan, rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven with a company of lesser angels who also rebelled. The stage was set for Satan to tempt Adam and Eve to disobey God in Eden’s garden. Isaiah 14:12-15 is variously translated, including “…O morning star, son of the dawn!” (NIV). Ezekiel 28:16-17 is commonly believed to be symbolic or explicitly descriptive of Satan in terms of his beauty and wisdom, living in Eden, and being among the highest rank of created beings. In the New Testament, “…the prince of the power of the air” (Eph.2:2 in the historic KJV) may give us a clue as to how we may approach the RUFO/UAP phenomenon. UAPs are aerial phenomena and are candidates for assignment of demon manifestation.

Many New Testament passages are worthy of our study, not only from a theological standpoint, but also from a theological/scientific standpoint. Strange or mysterious phenomena in the air are definitely a subject worthy of our attention in terms of knowledge of both spiritual and physical realities. A few related New Testament passages are II Cor. 11:14, Eph. 6:11, James 4:7, I Pet. 5:8, and Jude 1:6.

Discussions with friends sometimes relate to why God permits the presence of evil. Scholars have studied the theological construct of theodicy: Why does God permit evil? Some Christian philosophers have tackled the question. In the end, however, it is a deep question incomprehensible from the human standpoint. In the New Creation described in Rev. 21-22, especially Rev. 21:4, we look forward to God’s ultimate victory over all evil. We are aware of the beauty of orderly physical laws governing our lives on this planet. We are also aware of deep concerns with the forces of evil. ‘Fallen’ angels, also known as demons, actively work to deflect humanity from righteousness and truth. They have access to extra dimensionality beyond our familiar dimensions of space and time. These extra dimensions of reality, described by the IDH (inter-dimensional hypothesis) are both fascinating and frightening when used to characterize the manifestations of UAP/UFO reality. 

Our position that the UAP/UFO reality is a manifestation of demons from unfamiliar dimensions should not surprise us if we connect it to several dozen other more common human explorations. We refer to the general category of the paranormal. Such phenomena have deeply pervaded our society. We encourage readers to open-mindedly search for the truth concerning the prevalence of the paranormal and its significant influence on our culture. 

It is likely that those tasked with discovering answers to UAP/UFO phenomena have historically been unable to explain them naturally and unwilling to admit a supernatural or inter-dimensional connection. Natural explanations were not forthcoming until 2017 because no natural explanation existed. Our government authorities would not even admit that UAP/UFOs were ‘real.’ Now they acknowledge their reality, but are still bent on finding natural explanations to the vehicles’ apparently unnatural capabilities. Our military was and is in denial, perhaps out of embarrassment. Organizations currently researching UAP/UFOs seem less than willing to propose supernatural or inter-dimensional hypotheses. Perhaps they do not wish to be stigmatized by endorsing what some conceive as pseudoscience.       




Saturday, December 14, 2019

Unidentified and Mysterious

Now that UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena, formerly called UFOs) have been pronounced real, serious questions remain regarding their nature. What are they? What are they doing? Are they manned by conscious beings? Do they have a sinister purpose? Could they harm humans? Many researchers have described their behavior. Some accounts of mysterious aerial vehicles have been sensational, including unusual reports of abductees and contactees. More credible are visual sightings preserved on unquestioned videos originating from US Army and Navy sources released in 2017. Only about one in six US residents believe they have seen (or may have seen) a UAP or UFO. We have not been overrun with UAPs. While media reports of the UAP phenomena have proliferated since 2017, our lives continue more or less normally.  

UAP objects are not physical as are ordinary objects in our experience. Aerial phenomena proven not to be hoaxes, misidentifications, or misinterpretations disobey and defy the laws of physics. UAPs are non-physical phenomena. They do, however, impact humans visually. UAPs are primarily a visual phenomenon.

To illustrate their non-physical traits, we list eight of the 15 descriptive statements listed in Chapter 6 of the previously cited Hugh Ross UFO volume (R in (R)UFO signifies ‘residual,’—those sightings left over after all natural explanations have been eliminated): (1) RUFOs leave no physical artifacts, even after crashing. (2) They generate no sonic booms when they break the sound barrier, nor do they show any evidence of meeting with air resistance. (3) RUFOs may be detected by radar but not seen, or they may be seen but not detected by radar. (4) They make impossibly sharp turns and sudden stops and impossibly rapid accelerations to speeds approaching fifteen thousand miles per hour. (5) They change momentum without yielding an opposite change in momentum in matter or in an energy field. (6) They change shape, size, and color at random. (7) They send no detectable electromagnetic signals. (except light on most occasions, emphasis mine) (8) RUFOs consistently succeed in evasive action, sometimes vanishing instantly or at other times seeming to enter the ground without leaving a trace.

In our preceding post, we cited TTSA—the To the Stars Academy. Former entertainer Tom DeLonge originated To the Stars “…to advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena and its technological implications.” To achieve this understanding, TTS describes “…the military’s affiliation with alien-related subject matter” and their organization’s current “Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US Army.” One TTS project is studying exotic metals that will lead to development of advanced technologies. TTS personnel claim to have in their possession exotic metals supposedly recovered from UFOs over many years. One frequently published picture shows a small sample of an alloy of micro-layered magnesium/bismuth/zinc. Purchases of these materials have commanded some very high prices. The provenance of such materials is mostly shrouded in mystery, contrary to their organizational boast of “transparency.” TTS hopes to achieve futuristic modifications such as active camouflage, beamed energy propulsion, inertial mass reduction, and quantum communication. The organizational purpose of TTS? Some of their reporting lists their goal of duplicating the capabilities of UAPs. This is a startling admission.

Tom DeLonge, originator of TTSA, is an enthusiastic supporter of the extra-terrestrial origin of mysterious unidentified flying objects. Billions of planets in our universe harbor plentiful life, according to this popular belief. DeLonge believes we need to discover the advanced technologies used by the operators of these vehicles. Enthusiasts of the extra-terrestrial hypothesis concerning mysterious flying objects no doubt believe that if we could discover and utilize technologies used by hypothetical extra-terrestrial beings, we would be able to duplicate their behavior according to newly discovered physical laws. This would be of great advantage to advance our military capabilities, he believes.

Answers to questions about mysterious UAP phenomena do not depend on discovering hitherto unknown properties of exotic metals. The laws of physics currently operating in our cosmos make travel by intelligent aliens to this solar system virtually impossible. Explanation of UAP/(R)UFOs is found in a totally different realm of reality—a realm beyond our familiar three dimensions of space and one dimension of time.

Plentiful literature has addressed the subject of extra dimensions. These extra dimensions are also variously called trans- or inter-dimensional. The Creator of Heaven and Earth brought our time and space dimensions into existence. He is The Cause of our personal time and space dimensions. He is also able to create time and space dimensions outside of or in addition to the current time and space dimensions in which we exist. This creation event is known as a transcendent event. Jesus performed many miracles which demonstrated supernatural powers—those powers that exceeded the limits of ordinary time and space dimensions in which we are immersed on ordinary days. One well known event occurred after Jesus’ resurrection when He suddenly appeared in the presence of the disciples—the doors being closed. It was a spectacular divine appearance of Christ who, under ordinary physical laws, would not have have been able to pass through solid doors, become visible to the disciples, and talk with them (John 20:19-20).

God created humans to be ordinarily confined to familiar physical laws. Scripture tells us that He also created spirit beings, including angels, most of whom remained obedient to God. They were able to make supernatural appearances. A minority of these spirit beings rebelled against God and exist as “fallen” angels, evil spirits, or demons. (Isa. 14:12-17 and Matt. 25:41) These beings have supernatural power beyond the limits of ordinary laws of physics. In a future post we will examine the implications of visible, sensory demon influence on humans whose ordinary daily existence is supported by fixed physical laws. A large majority of our populace has never experienced unexplained supernatural, transcendent events. 

People who have witnessed an unidentified object which has proven NOT to be a hoax, misidentification, or perceptual distortion, may use the term mysterious, or even frightening to describe their experience with a UAP or (R)UFO. Many scientists do not deal with the supernatural in their study of science. They believe they should study only natural phenomena, not the supernatural. Evidence of UAPs, particularly since 1947 tilts us toward belief that a sinister or malevolent intelligence may be operating.              



Thursday, December 5, 2019

Knowledge Gain: UAPs are real!

In the 21st Century we have gained considerable knowledge of UAPs—unidentified aerial phenomena—formerly termed UFOs. We may ask, “What knowledge have we gained?” The eventual answer may surprise some and disappoint others. In the last several years the UFO/UAP matter has evolved into a highly complex issue, a topic surrounded by many more questions than answers… 

Beginning 2017 government agencies finally acknowledged UAPs are real. Their explanation, not to mention their existence and wide differences on how to describe them, has been a hot button topic of conversation for over 70 years. There were multiple government probes from 1947 to 1990, many involving the CIA. National Reconnaissance Office Historian Gerald K. Haines wrote at length about government responses to the UFO phenomena in “CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs 1947-1990.” This was a heavy period of UAP activity. 

Haines referred to many sightings in his article posted on the CIA website. Over the 1947-1990 time frame many statements from the government focused on suppressing knowledge of UAP sightings not attributable to “natural” causes. Many press releases deliberately sought to persuade the curious public that UAPs were not unusual or extraordinary. Some releases cited “mass hysteria and hallucination, hoax, or misinterpretation of known objects.” Officials repeatedly stated there was no threat from the UFO phenomena but efforts were made to conceal information. In many cases our government agencies did not have much information. Many citizens have speculated on official cover-ups and have proposed their own conspiracy theories.

Heightened US interest in flying saucers began with the 1947 incident in Washington State. Strange sights in the sky are not new to the inhabitants of our planet. They have been reported for hundreds or thousands of years. Compared with our modern accounts of UAPs, they were more speculative and imaginative, perhaps on account of different reporting styles of long ago. Official government investigations have diminished since 1970, when interest in the subject waned somewhat. Government officials have stated they continue to investigate UAP reports. The UAP phenomenon is far from dormant. It has recently reawakened to front burner status owing to the influence of a popular entertainer.

Tom DeLonge (b. 1975) is a pop punk musician who has achieved immense fame. He originated Blink-182 and more recently Angels and Airwaves rock music bands. DeLonge has always been fascinated with the exotic and esoteric, particularly aliens and extraterrestrial research as well as paranormal phenomena. In 2017 he founded TTSA—To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science with concomitant Science, Aerospace, and Entertainment divisions. TTSA was founded as a PBC (public benefit corporation), a “for-profit corporation with an express commitment to abide by high standards of corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency in order to make a positive impact on society.” TTSA proposed and executed a CRADA—a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US Army. It will run for five years, then expire.

More specifically, DeLonge wrote that he had “…brought together an elite team from  CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), DOD (Department of Defense), and the FMR Advanced Development Programs at Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks. We are aiming to build this ElectroMagnetic Vehicle to Travel instantaneously through Space, Air, and Water by engineering the fabric of Space-Time. Our company is called To The Stars…and you can INVEST in our plan to revolutionize the world with technology that can change life as we know it.” 

DeLonge cultivated his acquaintances with individuals in the CIA, the DOD, and Lockheed Martin in 2017. These relationships enabled him to acquire government videos of several startling UAPs. One such video from 2004 was known as FLIR1. It was filmed by Navy technology on the US Nimitz off the US west coast. Other video records were from the east coast in 2015, entitled Gimbal and GoFast. They were lengthy military videos produced with highly advanced technology. DeLonge released them to The New York Times. Subsequently they were distributed and are still widely available on many internet outlets. Many different television news reports have covered this remarkable story multiple times in the past two years following the initial release of the astonishing UAP videos. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has interviewed guests numerous times. The military admission that “UFOs are REAL” went far beyond the denials and concealment of official statements up until that time. The official admission that “UFOs are REAL” and that government officials are now actively engaged in finding answers to the UAP phenomenon has been described as a “paradigm shift.”    

In many TTSA written releases we find other fascinating phrases such as space-time metric engineering, quantum communication, beamed energy propulsion, active camouflage, concealment, deception, obscuration, materials science, and electromagnetic metamaterials. Tom DeLonge has published statements that the universe, with its trillions of galaxies, is teeming with life. UAPs are extraterrestrial, according to him. The Science and Aerospace divisions of TTSA officially collaborates with the US Army to research deep uncharted territory of UAP reality. TTSA purportedly has specimens of materials gathered from close encounters with UAPs.   

From 2007-2012 the government spent $22 million on the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program). Former Senator Harry Reid was especially proud of his role in founding that program. The program was extended, unfunded, by a group of defense professionals, including Luis Elizondo, former employee of the “Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSDI). In that role he was in charge of the AATIP program established by Senator Reid. Elizondo resigned from his government intelligence position in October 2017 to “protest government secrecy and government opposition to UAP investigations, and that the program was not taken seriously.” Elizondo now works for the above described TTSA. He has been interviewed on Tucker Carlson Tonight at least twice in the last year.

TTSA bills itself as “a revolutionary collaboration between academia, industry, and pop culture to advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena and its technological implications. It also has an Entertainment Division that publishes works of fiction about UFOs and the paranormal. The actual origins of the organization (TTSA) are ‘murky,’ to say the least.” (quotes from The War Zone…emphasis mine) Our position is that we should be very cautious concerning the official partnership of TTSA with the US Army

Christians should take an interest in the UAP phenomenon in view of revelations of the last several years. We recognize that currently there is no doubt concerning the reality of these objects. Now that hallucination or misinterpretation are not viable explanatory possibilities, we must exercise diligence to identify other explanations grounded in truth. God is the source of truth. Our Creator enables us to discover truth according to special and general revelation. Reliable mainstream science research and discovery must join with general revelation in concert with special revelation—inspired scripture. We ask for divine wisdom to interpret both revelations correctly—the special revelation of scripture and the general revelation of the natural world. Our blog will continue to search for and discover correct explanations of these truths.