Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Covid: "A Thorn in the Flesh"

Memo to our faithful readers: In September we were suddenly struck by the Covid 19 virus.  This is our first blog entry since the virus struck. We are thankful for the power of bodily healing.

As we write, the new Omicron Covid variant is causing significant alarm among the world’s populace. What we do not know concerning Covid and its rapidly changing variants seems almost worse than what we know. Planet Earth is “significantly a microbe world.” Our bodies are inhabited by many microbes—thousands of different viruses and hundreds of diverse bacteria. Some microbes benefit living things but many are harmful.

In the field of virology, we humbly ask God to give us wisdom to solve our current crisis as we deal with harmful microbes. Pandemics caused by viruses and bacteria have been a concern as long as humans have inhabited the planet.

Even though viruses are not living organisms in the usual sense, they possess genetic information which sometimes adversely affects the function of living things they inhabit. If a virus mutates, it can acquire harmful new characteristics. In September I was struck by a new illness—the Covid 19 virus—a new variety of microbe. For several days I did not attribute my cough and general weakness to Covid. Finally, our family doctor pronounced me and my wife “Covid positive.” Eleanor suffered only a few days of discomfort. But for me, the infection introduced an extended experience of woes. I was a a hospital resident for three and one-half weeks. 

Since returning home, my research has revealed that “brain fog” from the effects of Covid can persist for up to eight months after initial treatment. Not all Covid patients experience identical symptoms. The Covid virus affects individuals in various ways. This fact reinforces the statement in our opening paragraph that what we do not know may be worse than what we know. In my case, I have virtually no memory of events during my hospital sojourn or in the days before my hospital experience. In retrospect, we consider this a blessing.

Many instances of disease are cited in Scripture. Jesus Christ was known as “The Great Physician,” providing cures for various diseases. Many diseases described in both Old and New Testament scripture were caused by the action of microbes. 2 Corinthians12 describes a serious malady suffered by the Apostle Paul. Three times the Apostle pleaded with the Lord to deliver him from the affliction. The Lord said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Even though Paul possessed miraculous abilities through God’s power, in this case God did not provide healing for him. 2 Cor. 12: explains the refusal: God wanted to keep Paul from becoming too conceited (vs 7). We may not be satisfied with this explanation. 

Christians look forward to the New Creation described in Rev. 21-22. God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. The complex physical operating system of our present universe is an ongoing miracle of existence. My personal experience strengthened my faith. We give God praise.