Monday, August 27, 2007

The Meaning of "Truth"

In this age, “truth” has different meanings to different people. Some say truth is relative, that is, it depends upon the individual. Most people, however, may agree “truth” is that which is “really real.”

When we meet new friends, one of the first things we discover about them is their age. Our curiosity about the age of the earth and universe and about our forebears Adam and Eve is easy to understand. With respect to the truth of the age of the earth and facts about the earliest created humans, we need to go beyond their mere existence and the physical reality of the world in which they were placed. Our truth quest leads us to ask questions such as How old is the earth? How long ago did Adam and Eve live? Have creatures lived and died on the earth for millions of years? There is a reality of “truth” connected with these issues.

Scientists have accumulated an overwhelming body of evidence signaling an earth and universe of enormous age. The professional science community, sometimes not in agreement about interpretation of scientific data, nevertheless is in rock solid agreement on this issue: Earth’s age as a planet is measured in billions of years. Likewise, life in some form, they say, has existed quite early in earth history.

Recent broadcasts of “The John Ankerberg Show” featured debates which paired sincere adherents of both recent and ancient creationist views. These positions are known as young earth (YEC) and old earth (OEC) creationism. Future posts will examine some of the sore spots resulting from these divergent views.