Thursday, September 15, 2011

Past Postings

During your science blogger’s brief hiatus from regular posting on the Ankerberg website, readers are invited to review several series I have posted in the past. Clicking on each link below takes you to the first commentary in each series. Clicking on Newer Post at the bottom of each article progressively takes you through the series. I offer five suggestions:

THEISTIC EVOLUTION – Over thirty posts examined the foundations and implications of the belief in theistic evolution. TE has become a significant discussion issue and a source of disagreement among Christians:

INVISIBLE ENERGY – This more light-hearted series of ten posts studied the wonders of invisible electromagnetic (radiant) energy, and how knowledge of it and its application have revolutionized human experience within the past 1½ centuries. When I taught physical science, this topic was one of my personal favorites:

CREATIONISM VIEWS – Over twenty-five posts examined the differences in Christian creationist beliefs. There is substantial divergence of positions concerning the antiquity of the universe and geologic events and time scales. This series does not set out to “prove” an old earth and universe. Readers may fruitfully investigate that issue for themselves. Rather, the postings examine the history of the topic within the church in the last two centuries. Primarily, we examined the events of the 20th century. Understanding this background is at least as important as understanding the various scientific and theological interpretations surrounding the topic of creationism. Here is the link to the first post:

VIBRANT DANCE SYMPOSIUM – In October 2010, an array of Christian leaders in the field of science assembled for three days in Austin, TX. Their sometimes differing views of origins made for interesting and informative exchanges. One of the most important discussion topics was the interaction between faith and science in the church setting. My ten posts reported on the presentations of nine different plenary speakers at the symposium:

ISRAEL - Finally, anyone contemplating a visit to the Holy Land should read as much as possible prior to visiting. You will be better equipped to understand the history of past and current events in that country. My wife and I agreed that our visit to Israel in 2009 was, in many respects, the "trip of a lifetime." I submitted seven posts on the visit to the land where Jesus walked: