Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Body Building Blueprint

When we reside in a home for many years, our awareness of the initial steps in design and construction of the home may diminish with the passage of time. Encountering the designer’s blueprints for our residence in a basement file cabinet after many years triggers a renewed adventure for the homeowners. The object lesson provided by rediscovery of the original blueprint for our homes calls to mind the creation of our human body from the moment “God saw our unformed body” to birth and onset of consciousness.

The initial idea for a home building project often originates in our creative imagination. On a personal level, my wife and I recall sketching the basic concept for our current residence on an automobile trip while driving east along Interstate 80 to visit relatives. When we returned to the Midwest and our rented condo, there was much to contemplate. We needed to purchase a building lot. Then we retained a professional architect who finalized our initial concept sketch after considerable consultation. The joy of experiencing the complex construction process followed. Our residence blueprint is a treasured family historical artifact.

Home design and building projects illustrate the scriptural model for preliminary conceptualization and detailed planning. Luke 14:28-30 offers a parallel. In this passage, the builder wished to construct a tower. Implied is creation of an original concept and the process for completion of the structure. Surely this involved creation of a New Testament version of a “blueprint,” detailed implementation of sequential steps in tower building, and awareness of cost accountability.

Several Bible passages, including the oft-cited Psalm 139, are exceptional in the context of this discussion. They refer to the miracle of God’s omniscience concerning the pre-ordaining of King David’s days before they even came to be, the miraculous knitting together of the king’s unformed body in his mother’s womb, and the fearfully and wonderfully made person whose frame was structured and woven together in “the secret place.” All of these were written in God’s book even before one of David’s days came to be. Old Testament Israelites reveling in David’s inspirational writings understood the miracle of prenatal events several millennia prior to the detailed medical science of our day. Then as now, these scripture passages provoke powerful worship of the Creator and his involvement in the wonderful workings of our daily lives according to the operational laws set in place by God.

In the 21st century, the sequence of pre-natal events has been discovered in detail unimaginable to the Psalmist. Knowledge of the fundamental component of living things--the cell--has exploded. This includes knowledge of genetics and the structure and functional secrets of heredity possessed by the incredible DNA molecule. The blueprint for human life in King David’s time lacked the most fascinating details. Even in our era knowledge of the many fundamental secrets of prenatal development was a distant dream when many of today’s senior citizens were in high school. The story of human development from conception to consciousness is an occasion for our most profound worship of the Creator.