Monday, June 22, 2015

No More Decay

Discussions about the body’s wellness or illness consume a large portion of conversation, whether among the young, middle-aged, or seniors. Regular medical monitoring is vital even for the very youngest among us. By retirement age and the years following, our discussions, not to mention a substantial portion of insurance coverage, are committed to slowing our inevitable health decline.

Senescence is a not too humorous outcome of the scientific reality of The Law of Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics applied to the progressive condition of our bodies as we age. Phrased as simply as possible: Our bodies run down. This tendency illustrates the reality of the above-mentioned laws. The entire universe since the initial creation event is in the midst of a slow downward trajectory: disorder  increases; the store of universal energy becomes less and less useful with the passage of time.

The laws of entropy and thermodynamics have application to human experience in terms of human health. Quality of life issues are important as we pursue optimal personal wellness. For example, one doctor mentioned the quality of life issue as we discussed strategies for coping with my medical diagnosis of spinal stenosis. Our final decision to proceed with extensive back surgery proved to be the correct solution. Pressure on spinal nerve roots was relieved along with attendant symptoms. We believe our heavenly Father has gifted us with ability to manage our health as successfully as possible during our tenure on this earth.

Relatives and friends prayed for me before, during, and after surgery. The Biblical advice to pray without ceasing was observed. All healing is divine, even when the healing consists of surgical “healing” which sometimes involves months of recovery. Doctors work within the realm of secondary causes to achieve bodily wellness. The spectrum of treatments for body ailments ranges from transcendent healing by Christ when he was on earth (such manifestations are rare in our day) to various physical therapies, prescriptions of chemical substances, surgical interventions and other types of current medical technologies. Notwithstanding, ultimately the body succumbs to one or more conditions which limit life span. This includes the transcendently healed individuals of the New Testament times.  

The prayers of patients, relatives, and friends also range along a spectrum. We pray for healing. More important, we pray that the will of God is accomplished in the lives of the people we pray for. Searching for commentary concerning meaning of the “Pray without ceasing” exhortation of I Thes. 5:17, we found many interpretations, including: we should cultivate an attitude of God consciousness and God surrender to be carried with us at all times; we must exercise continual dependence upon and communion with the Father. Most important in these statements is the focus on God rather than ourselves.

In a coming post we will continue our review of health, wellness, illness, and healing of the body in terms of the Law of Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics to which we are presently subject. These are scientific laws which govern the universe from day to day as well as long-term. In terms of the temporary nature of our human lifespan we must give this subject careful attention. In the spiritual realm many statements in Scripture refer to redemption of our souls both in this world and the next. In the physical realm the Bible states our future existence will not be subject to the Laws of Entropy and the Second Law of thermodynamics when this life is complete. We will experience The New Creation of Revelation 21-22.